Tell us about yourself:

Music lover full force – Dj – Vinyl junk

Your top 5 picks & why:

1) Bobby Caldwell: “What you won’t do for love”


A great last song choice in order to ending your night the right way, certainly when in company of a lady.

2) Billy Paul: ” Me & Mrs Jones ”

Imagine dancing to this song at the end of a great night, slightly drunk, with the one you love.

3) C Leela James: ” Music”

Non-stop smoothness and beautiful to end with.

4) Michael Mcdonald “I keep forgetting”

When you dance with the right person, this song could last forever.

5) Angie Stone ” Wish i didn’t miss you”

Early morning classic pure sang!



These are my 5 songs, probably out of 500 other options but i had to make a choice and this is the result. Smooth and sexy is the keyword cause thats the kind of atmosphere I love to create, certainly at the end of the night…

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Frankysoo aka Sam Ghysel



Willy L-Dopa Santiago

Willy L-Dopa Santiago



Tell us about yourself:

Dj, scientist, yogi, lovernotafighter


Your top 5 picks & why:


  1. Elvis Presly “Fever” I have played this track many times in the early morning , has a very sexy but at the same time creepy sound to it                                                                                                    
  2. Diana Ross “Sweetest Hangover” great track by a queen, perfect for after hours… starts off real slow and when you think it’s almost time to go home, the beat picks up a notch to an upbeat disco tempo                                                                                                                                                    
  3. The reflex “I feel good, James Brown edit” incredible edit by the Reflex, love how he cut the drums up and stretched them, this tune is sooo funky you won’t ever want to go home                 
  4. Marvin Gaye “sexual healing” When the night is almost over and you want to take that girl home, this is the track you’ll convince her with your suave moves                                                              
  5. Notorious B.I.G. “big poppa” tell your friends to call my friends, so we can be friends…. The perfect afterparty track, picture a Jacuzzi, champagne, beats, blunts and beautiful women            


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