Tell us about yourself:

Music lover full force – Dj – Vinyl junk

Your top 5 picks & why:

1) Bobby Caldwell: “What you won’t do for love”


A great last song choice in order to ending your night the right way, certainly when in company of a lady.

2) Billy Paul: ” Me & Mrs Jones ”

Imagine dancing to this song at the end of a great night, slightly drunk, with the one you love.

3) C Leela James: ” Music”

Non-stop smoothness and beautiful to end with.

4) Michael Mcdonald “I keep forgetting”

When you dance with the right person, this song could last forever.

5) Angie Stone ” Wish i didn’t miss you”

Early morning classic pure sang!



These are my 5 songs, probably out of 500 other options but i had to make a choice and this is the result. Smooth and sexy is the keyword cause thats the kind of atmosphere I love to create, certainly at the end of the night…

Nominate someone who you would like to hear & see their top 5 picks:

Frankysoo aka Sam Ghysel