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Tell us about yourself:

DJ/producer/overall music fanatic – cat person – whisky lover – born in Ghent, living in Amsterdam

Your top 5 picks & why:

1) Redcell – The Silicon Garden 

Redcell is an alter ego of Michael Golding and Steven Rutter aka B12. These guys are true IDM and UK techno pioneers. The Silicon Garden just glides away so beautifully – the strings, the glitches and that funky breakbeat: amazing!


2)  Convextion – Matrix A1

Recently some Convextion records got a repress and just last year he came with a fantastic new album on a.r.t.less, a sub label of Don Williams’ Mojuba Records. This probably is my favourite Convextion track – it’s not that easy to pick a favourite because he has made some amazing music. Rumour has it he’s willing to do a repress of this EP from 1995 (the B-side Miranda already got one in 2007), so if there’s any label head listening out there: go for it!


3) Parallel 9 – Ventris

It’s not a big secret I’m a huge Steve Rachmad fan. I had the privilege to warm up for him at Decadance a couple of years ago, and he’s such a warm, genuine guy. I just had to include one of his tracks! Ventris came out in 2005 on Ghent’s finest Music Man Records. I still miss that record shop too – good times!


4) Quadrant – Infinition

The Berlin-Detroit connection. This was released in 1993 on Carl Craig’s Planet E Recordings, but still sounds so fresh today! The list of alter egos these two fine gentlemen released records under goes on and on: Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Maurizio, … Must do: go trough their whole back catalogue and discover how many of your favourite club tracks these guys have made.


5 ) Osunlade vs. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Yoruba Soul Vox )

I still remember driving home one late summer morning and this was playing in the car. The sun was just coming up and I just spent a great night in a club – still buzzing. The roads were desolate and because of the special lighting this just fitted the ambience. Oh and because Phil Collins is great, that too!  


Nominate someone who you would like to hear & see their top 5 picks:


Seba Lecompte

We both have the same birthday and will be celebrating in Club IIII on the 9th of September (909 day!). Find out what early morning classics we’ll be playing then, because there’s a lot of records that didn’t make the cut!