Red D 


Tell us about yourself:

Sure, I could say that I was influenced by *insert credible genre of music here* or that I got my big break at *insert name of credible legendary but now closed club here*, but who really needs to know? Let’s just say that when playing some records (since 1991), making some music (since 2005), throwing the odd party (since 1992) and running my label We Play House Recordings (since 2008), that I do it with passion, lust and a healthy dose of putting it all in the right perspective.

Next to DJ’ing all over Belgium and beyond as Red D I have been performing together with Lady Linn (voted Belgian’s best female singer twice) as Red D feat Lady Linn for over 12 years, bringing our gospel to almost every major club and festival in Belgium. In 2017 this collaboration will see a big amount of new tracks & edits and on the release front we are releasing a track with Belgian techno giant Fabrice Lig on We Play House Recordings.

This brings us neatly to my label We Play House Recordings! Started in 2007 as an outlet for the early music of my hometown friend San Soda the label soon began releasing music by people like Russ Gabriel, Locked Groove, Metrobox, Reggie Dokes and many more. But at the core there always was San Soda and FCL, the studio collaboration between the two of us. Our FCL tracks ‘Let’s Go’, ‘More Than Seven’, ‘It’s You’ and our remixes for Audiojack’s ‘Stay Glued’ and Stuffa’s ‘Proof’ are by now part of house music’s collective history and have lead us to perform all over the world. In the first half of 2017 FCL will be releasing two exciting new E.P.’s. One on the revered US label NDATL (run by Kai Alcé) and one on our very own We Play House Recordings of course.

On the Red D solo release front you can expect a new E.P. for UK legends Freerange Records in the spring and a collaboration with Fabrice Lig and Lady Linn on We Play House Recordings. Next to that there are of course gigs all over the place, including a seventh appearance at the legendary Panorama Bar in Berlin in March.

 Your top 5 picks & why:


  1. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners ‘Trying To Prove My Love’ => for that lady you want to take home 
  2. Ce Ce Rogers ‘Someday’ => for ‘let’s make this world a better place we really believe we can because we are slightly drunk’-moments 
  3. George Michael ‘Praying For Time’ => simply because ANY George Michael track is perfect to end a night with
  4. W.A. ‘I’d Rather F*** With You’ => to annoy those people who still want hard techno past 8 AM
  5. Laurent Garnier ‘Acid Eiffel’ => listen & understand 

Nominate someone who you would like to hear & see their top 5 picks:

Joris Charlatan!

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