Aka “Mr. Early Morning”


Tell us about yourself:

I started as an urban dj over 20 years ago but quickly got inspired by so many other genres. I fell in love with electro, deep house, future beats, etc but I never forget about my true roots, based in my mothers bar as a young teenager. 80’s pop, funk, soul and off course HipHop music will always be my weak spot.

I DJ 2 to 3 times a week and I’m specialized in all-night sets. Charlatan and Club 69 are my preferred residencies and I play all over Belgium, from clubs to summer festivals. I combine nightlife with being a full-time dad, a booker / creative manager and communications expert for multiple party-concepts (City Queens, Poplife, Funky Fabric, …) and CLUB 69 in Gent.


Your top 5 picks & why:


  1. “Africa” by Toto. This classic brings back childhood memories and to me the best 80’s pop song ever made.  
  2. “I can’t do without you” by Caribou. I get chills every time I hear this song. Makes me think about the people I can’t live without. 
  3. “You got me” by The Roots ft. Erykah Badu. So downtempo, so soulful, so minimalistic but yet so strong. The epic drum-fill at the end makes it even better.
  4. “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac. Almost every FM-song could fit in this early-morning category. So many timeless classics to choose from, but “Everywhere” is THAT song you will remember the next morning after a night on the dancefloor. 
  1. “Into the night” (Nicolas Jaar remix) by AZARI III. Everytime I’m closing down an all-night set, I come across this tune. I don’t play it very often and I don’t know whether it’s the piano-melody or the sexy drums but this song takes me places. That’s what music is supposed to do. 


Nominate someone who you would like to hear & see their top 5 picks

2 many dj’s



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